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Company Name
Gemma Korea Co., Ltd.
U-Jong Lee
Startup Capital
600 million
(34 Dangsan-ro) 55-5 Munrae-dong 3-ga, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Phone Number
TEL. 1899-4765 / FAX. 02-855-0567
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Company History

  • Won the main prize at the National Science and Technology Contest on the Day of Jang Yeong-sil with the Gemmove Air-ionizer
  • Patent registration for a utility model in China for ionizer showerhead with Black Jade(CN212143098U)
  • Registration completed for competitive bidding qualification on Korea Online E-Procurement System: Gemmove multi-ionizer showerhead
  • Awarded for selling seven million dollars in exports during the 57th annual Trade Day event.
  • Overseas Indonesian branch established
  • Overseas Taiwanese branch established
  • Officialy registered as a member of the Korea
  • Patent registration of Business Platform for network marketing
  • Won the grand prize in the environmental industry new technology category at the International Science and Culture Award by Jang Young-sil with the Multi-ionizer
  • Won the Jang Young-sil Science and Technology Grand Prize with the Energy Earthing Pad
  • Patent registration of Ionizer showerhead with Black Jade (No. 10-2051422)
  • Overseas American branch established
  • Overseas Filipino branch established
  • Overseas Romanian branch established
  • Overseas Kazakhstan branch established
  • Overseas Mongolian branch established
  • Selected as an excellent cooperative in 2018 by Korea Special Sales Financial Cooperative Association
  • Overseas Thailand branch established
  • Overseas Canadian branch established
  • Gemmove multi-ionizer patent registration (No. 10-1773558)
  • CEO U-Jong Lee selected as the world’s newest intellectual in the patent fieldby the New Intellectual Association Republic of Korea
  • Gemma Korea achieved annual sales of 36 million USD
  • Overseas Japanese branch established
  • Overseas Cambodian branch established
  • Gemmove Multi-ionizer patent application
  • Overseas Chinese branch established
  • Gemma Korea achieved annual sales of 7.3 million USD
  • Gemma Korea achieved annual sales of 6.6 million USD
  • Signed a contract with the Korea Special Sales Financial Cooperative Association to start the business with U-Jong Lee as the CEO
  • Established Gemma Korea

Company Concept Outlines