Gemma's Characteristics
Compensation PlanGemma's Characteristics

Gemma's compensation plan has the best-developed system for the happiness of the Gemma family.

  • Hybrid(Hybrid)
  • Private franchise(Personal Franchise)
  • Multicode Sponsorship System(MBCSS)
How the Gemma Compensation Plan works GEMMA Compensation Plan
  • Stair-step methodStair-Step
    1950~1960The 1990's
  • Break-away methodBreak-Away
    1950~1960The 1990's
  • Uni-level methodUni-Level
    1970The 1990's
  • Rainbow methodRainbow
    1980The 1990's
  • Matrix methodMatrix
    1980The 1990's
  • Binary methodBinary
    1990The 1990's