Travel Promotion

  • From January to June (6 months of work), deadline for consideration is June September travel
  • July to December (6 months of work), deadline for consideration is December March travel following next year
Qualified GBM Qualification Travel in September Following March next year
All GBM Achieved more than 10 million PV for 5 consecutive months(Based on the Direct Sponsor Genealogy: The highest performing line with 5 million PV will be accepted; 1 month grace period) Top-end Southeast Asia Trip Top-end Southeast Asia trip in March the following year, Business Seats and travel expenses will be given to the Diamond ranks who have over 300 million PV in WEeak Leg for 6 months
Following March next year
Ranks higher than Diamond New or existing Diamond ranks with total weak leg of over 600 million PV in the last 6 months Top-end Trip to the Americas or Europe