Greetings from the Founder
About Gemma KoreaGreetings from the Founder

Gemma makes a way wherever it walks

Gemma exists to show the way for those pursuing their dreams and hopes, it exists to inspire others to walk the Gemma way to show how people all over the world can live together.

Gemma Korea's purpose is to create a world-class global enterprise with advanced IT technology and innovative distribution techniques, that can effortlessly operate through the global economy. With this the goal, Gemma seeks to welcome a world without borders, a world where innovation can shine without the shadows of the past, and a world where with a modern management environment to solve the distribution revolution.

Since the beginning of the capitalist market, the world is at the center of a new distribution revolution following the productivity revolution, management revolution, and information revolution. In response to these changes, network marketing was created to not only meet but exceed the marketing demands of the 21st century driven by online shopping and discount stores.

Nevertheless, the reality for the Korean economy is that the current distribution system lags behind with its inefficient and static nature.

In such a situation, Gemma Korea works to face the current situation in Korea to create an innovative environment combining the latest online and offline marketing techniques supported by world-class IT technology. With health and beauty as our motto, we will make our own foundation of success, transforming Gemma Korea to be a haven for our members and customers. They can live a healthy, comfortable life, a life for all the families of Gemma Korea.

By utilizing cutting-edge technology coupled with our principles, we will make every effort to make all the families of Gemma Korea succeed in our company.

Gemma Korea, seeking to create a united world, can be the start of your dreams. Thank you.

CEO of Gemma Korea. Lee U-jong